jenis-jenis sup (Kind of soup)

Kind of soup

  1. Cream of mushroom soup

Ingredient : mushroom,mirepoix(onion,celery,leek)cut into brunoise,olive oil,thyme,bayleaf,chiken stock,salt,pepper,cream,and roux

Methode   : saute mirepoix,,add mushroom,thyme and bayleaf,,pour chiken stock until boil,keep cold down and blander,,,after that saute again,add cream and roux,seasoning,,the last strained

  1. Gasphaco soup(cold soup)

Ingredient : cucumbar,tomato,onion,red n green pepper,garlic ,tabasco and L&P sauce,red wine vinegar,slt n pepper,olive oil

Methode : prepare bowl,cut all item into dice,and put in bowl,blender all item except oil,,pour oil in same time to blender

  1. Potato n leek soup

Ingredient : butter,mirepoix(onion,leek,celery)cut into dice,bacon,potato,bayleaf,nutmeg,salt n pepper, chiken stock

Methode : saute bacon,add mirepoix,cook without color,add bay leaf and stock,boil,cook until vegetable tender,blender,and straine,,saute again and seasoning

  1. Bake onion soup

Ingredient : onion,olive oil,red wine,chop garlic,chope thyme,beef stock,slt n pepper

Methode : chope garlic saute with oil,add onion,thyme, cook until brown,reduce with red wine ,add beef stock,seasoning,,,served with bread and mozarela  on top and salamander,,,

  1. Ratatoulie

Chop garlic,onion,eggplant,suchini,yellow squash,mushroom,chiken stock,tomato paste,basi,oregano,salt n pepper

Methode : saute garlic,add onion,add all vegetable,,add tomato paste,,basil,oregano,,litle bit chiken stock.,seasoning,,,